Thursday, April 21, 2016

Not Angka dan Chord KALI KEDUA - RAISA

What a good song by Raisa. It has great progression chord, where there is modulation between Verse part and Pre Chorus&chorus part. I give you 2 versions:

1. Easy version
    It starts from C major, then change the key to Eb major
    So you have to learn more on Eb major scale

notasi angka kali kedua raisa
Kali Kedua- Raisa (Easier Version)

2. Original version
    It starts on Eb major, the change to F# major
    So you have to learn more about F# major scale and also Eb major scale

music sheet kali kedua raisa
Kali Kedua - Raisa (Original Version)

Whichever version you choose, you still have to learn about the other scale beside C major. AHAHAHA (evil laugh). AND I tell you this: Don't Forget to SHARE this blog to your social media, like instagram, path, facebook, twitter, google plus (+1 pleaseeee), and like my facebook page too.

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