Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Wedding - Jay Chou (Numeric Notation)

Dear God, I'm so in live with this song. Should I use this as our walking down the aisle song?
I think the song sounds so romantic and sweet. My student requested to learn this song, so I make the numeric notation for this song. And because of him, I am fall in love with this song.

Jay Chou is also one of my favourite Taiwanese superstar. I love his song, love his voice, love his acting.

Just click this image to get FREE Pdf file

not angka the wedding jay chou
Music Score The Wedding - Jay Chou
Don't forget to check the other Asian songs like River Flows in You - Yiruma , Kiss The Rain , Tong Hua - Guang Liang, etc. Or check the full list of numeric notation that I've written HERE. This song is played in F major. You can learn The Scale of F major first.

And here is the video of Jay Chou's wedding using this song:
soooo sweeeeeetttt. Perfect couple. Don't forget to share this blog so your friends will be able to play the song too


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