Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Broken Vow (Lara Fabian version)

" I let you go, I let you fly, why do I keep on asking why. I let you go, now that I found, the way to keep somehow, more than a broken vow"

Oh my, what a sad song. I keep listening to this song since I watched Meteor Garden for the 2nd time. Hmmm.. I think this song was played in Meteor Garden 2, when Dao Ming Si lost his memory. I was crying when watching that movie. I can't imagine if I were sanchai. Seeing my boyfriend kissed another girl. That hurrtttssssssss. 

hmm I jave nothing to say. Just go and click the image below. Luckily, this version played in C major. So this must be easy enough for you to play. Good Luck.
not angka broken vow
Music Sheet Broken Vow

yupssss.. that's it Not Angka Broken Vow . You can check the other POPULAR SONG MUSIC SHEET for free. Always do these things:


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