Thursday, May 5, 2016

Not Angka NIGHT CHANGES - One Direction

If you are  DIRECTIONERS, I just want to give you numeric notation of  Night Changes song. The melody of this song is somehow peaceful and easy listening. I remember my friend once wanted to play this song. He can't read sheet music, so he used Synthesia version (in YouTube) to learn this song. But I don't find that really helpful. No offense to the one who posted Synthesia version of any song. Sometime it will help, but not really effective. But this is just my opinion, I want you to know about the song you'll play. Not just memorize the note position in piano. You need to know what melodies and chords form the song.

So, again, for my Indonesia fellas, everywhere around the world, I present you:

Night Changes Numeric Notation available in 2 versions:

1. Easy Version (Key: C major)

not angka night changes one direction
Not Angka Night Changes Easy Version

2. Original version (Key: Ab major) Overtune to Bb major.
Check the scale of Ab and Bb here.

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not angka pianika night changes
Not Angka Night Changes Original Version

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