Monday, April 11, 2016

Tiada SepertiMu - Sydney Mohede (Numeric Notation)

          "Sgala puji, sgala hormat, segnap hatiku menyembahMu
           Terimalah segnap hidupku, sbagai persembahan yang hidup"

I really really really do like this song. This is an old christian song. Already written years ago by Sydney Mohede. And He is my favorite christian singer and song writer. He is my inspiration to become one too. For your information, I've written some christian songs. Hehe. For example, Sahabat Yang SetiaIndonesia BejanaMu, and so on.

Okay, here you go. Tiada SepertiMu Numeric Notation and be a blessing.
Just click this image

not angka tiada sepertiMu
Numeric Notation Free Download
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